iEVLEAD TYPE1 US 48A Smart AC EV Charging

  • Model: AD1-US11.5-BRSW
  • Max. Output Power: 11.5KW
  • Working Voltage: 200-240VAC
  • Working Current: 6A-48A
  • Charging Display: LCD SCREEN
  • Output Plug: Type1
  • Input Plug: Hardwired
  • Function: Mobile app RFID Plug and charge
  • Sample: Support
  • Customization: Support
  • OEM/ODM: Support
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    Production Introduction

    Please rest assured that iEVLEAD products come with a complete certification certificate to ensure your safety. We prioritize your health and have obtained all necessary certifications to provide a safe and reliable charging experience. From rigorous testing to compliance with industry standards, our charging solutions are designed with your safety in mind. When you charge with our certified products, you can rest assured and have peace of mind. Our certified charging stations provide you with a safe and seamless charging journey. Your safety is our top priority and we stand by the quality and integrity of our certified charging stations.

    The LED display on the charger can display different statuses such as connection with the vehicle, charging, full charge, and charging temperature. This helps identify the operating status of the EV charger and gives you information about the charging process.


    Fast charging, 48A, 40A
    Easy installation&maintenace
    Solar Charging and DLB (Dynamic Load Balancing)
    Simple and classic design, mobile app control, RFID, plug and play
    Full chain encryption
    High reliability, can be used for 50,000 times for a long time, with relay
    Multiple security protection
    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, Integrated, CCID20
    WiFi/Bluetooth/4G Ethernet communication
    OCPP, OAT intelligent timing charging.


    Model: AD1-US11.5
    Input Power supply: L1+L2+PE
    Input voltage: 200-240VAC
    Frequency: 60Hz
    Rated Voltage: 200-240VAC
    Rated current: 6-48A
    Rated power: 11.5KW
    Charge plug: Type1
    Cable length: 7.62m(include connector)
    Charging Control: mobile app/RFID/Plug and charge
    Display Screen: 3.8inch LCD screen
    Indicator Lights: 4LEDs
    Connectivity:Basid: Wi-Fi(2414MHZ-2484MHz 802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth(2402MhZ-2480MHz BLE5.0),Optional:4G,LAN
    Communication Protocol: OCPP1.6J
    Protection: Over current protection, over voltage protection,under voltage protection,over temperature protection,leakage protection, unconnected PE ground protection,Lighting protection.
    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter: Integrated,no additional required(CCID20)
    Operating Altitude: 2000m
    Storage Temperature: -40°F-185°F (-40°C~+85°C)
    Operating Temperature: -12°F~122°F(-25°C~+55°C)
    Relative Humidity: 95%RH,No water droplet condensation
    Vibration: 0.5G,No acute vibration and impaction
    Installation location: Indoor or outdoor,good ventitation,no flammable,explosive gases
    Certification: FCC
    Installation: Wall mounted/Pole- mounted(mounting pole is optional)
    Altitude: ≤2000m
    Dimension(HxWxD): 13x8x4in 388*202*109mm
    Weight: 6kg
    IP code: IP66(wallbox),IP54(connector)




    1. What’s your main product?

    A: We cover a variety of new energy products, including AC electric vehicle chargers, DC electric vehicle charging stations, Portable EV Charger etc.

    2. Can I have the OEM for EV chargers?

    A: Yes, of course. MOQ 500pcs.

    3. What is OEM service can you offer? 

    A: Logo, Color, Cable, Plug, Connector, Packages and anything others you want to customize, pls feel free to contact us.

    4. What is Wallbox Fast Charging 9.6KW?

    A: Wallbox Fast Charging 9.6KW is a charging solution for electric vehicles that provides a high charging power of 9.6 kilowatts. It is a convenient and efficient way to charge your electric car at home or in commercial settings.

    5. How does Wallbox Fast Charging 9.6KW work?

    A: Wallbox Fast Charging 9.6KW is installed on a wall and connected to your electric vehicle. It intelligently distributes the available power to charge your car in the most efficient way possible. It is compatible with various electric vehicle models and can provide a rapid charging experience.

    6. How does an AC EV charger work?

    A: The output of the AC charging pile is AC, which requires the OBC itself to rectify the voltage. Due to the limitation of the OBC power, the OBC power is generally small, mostly 3.3 and 7kw;

    7.  Is Wallbox Fast Charging 9.6KW safe to use?

    A:Yes, Wallbox Fast Charging 9.6KW is designed with safety features to ensure secure charging. It incorporates protection mechanisms to prevent overcharging, overheating, and other potential hazards. It complies with industry standards and regulations to provide a safe charging solution for your electric vehicle.

    8.  How fast can Wallbox Fast Charging 9.6KW charge an electric car?

    The charging speed of Wallbox Fast Charging 9.6KW depends on various factors, including the electric car's battery capacity, current charge level, and charging technology. However, on average, it can provide a full charge in significantly less time compared to standard home charging outlets.


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